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Hi guys,

It has been some time. I took on me to migrate the old posts and everything towards something easier to maintain: This is my new blog/personalsite. I will be happy to see you there.

 Gwen Heliou 

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Surprise update of the unupdatable

Hi there,

Happy new year for once!

As I’m now working at Ubisoft Digital Arts (UDA - Ubisoft Montreal), things have changed slightly since Ubisoft Montreal (Now CG supervisor and/or TD on our mixed game/film pipeline).

Here’s a link to Gwen Heliou’s profile on LinkedIn ( For convenience, that’s the only profile I’ll be keeping up-to-date.

You can also reach me on : 

Cheers, love. That’s it for 2009. ;)

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Blog closed / Migration to wordpress

Ninja edit from 2015: You can find Gwen Heliou:’s blog at  

This blog is now migrated to Wordpress (from Dotclear) for sanity (my own) and compatibility reasons.

Do not expect posts from now on.

The theme used is pretty simple and I won’t spend time trying to adapt my old style to WP. I let the blog as is (if you care) in order to help old friends and search engines keep a track…

Thanks for reading and arivédercho.

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Maxscript - Rude cleanser - Trackviews

It just happened to me. I was suddently unable to open a trackview in 3dsMax 8 anymore. Instead of deleting the 3dsmax.ini, one more time, I decided to give maxscript a try and search for usable functions… My script is very straightforward, and will delete all the instances of trackview windows in your maxscene, and hopefully, the one that are closed, but outside of your screen(s)… If you have a window that is still open, it won’t harm it.
Else, I tried first to reposition the non-openning window, without success. So, here’s the quick and rude solution to my little problem.

– Rude cleanser - Trackviews — v1 — For max 8 (will do the trick with
– max 7 or perhaps 6)
– By Gwen Heliou ©2006 -
– Will simply erase all the closed or invisible trackview instances
– it will find. Usefull when you can’t open your trackviews anymore.
– …Worked for me. :)

Ha, by the way, I guess you’re a grown cg-artist, so use my script at your own risks. :)

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Games - NationStates (Online game inspired by Max Barry’s novels)

Max Barry’s game is directly inspired by his novels (Jennifer Government… Company). I’ve already set a nation and played for a few days. It’s not breathtaking, I’m not addicted either, but I love checking how it’s evoluating depending on the choices I made the day before. You’ve got 1 or two choices to make, sometimes the UN will ask for another vote, and that’s it!
In fact, the description of your nation will change daily (If you choose, like me, to have issues and problems to solve raised twice a day) in many humorous ways. And for my own, it’s becoming very funny…

Here’s my nation, The People’s Republic of Nonsensevitch (”Don’t panic!” is our Moto). Go read the main page, describing my nation and how it’s so “special”. I’m now eager to read his books, as ruling my little land is very entertaining. It’s getting addictive !

The People’s Republic of Nonsensevitch is a small, safe nation, remarkable for its absence of drug laws. […] (err.. I do not remember voting for that) Education and welfare spending are on the rise, political parties are banned from advertising and receiving private donations, cars are banned, and all recreational drugs are legal. Crime is well under control. Nonsensevitch’s national animal is the pangolin, which teeters on the brink of extinction due to widespread deforestation, and its currency is the holy octopussy.

Note that there’s also a large amount of people role playing the relationships between their nations, solving conflicts and so on, on NationStates’ numerous forums.

Drop me a line inside the game about your nation if you have one and would like to share ideas (I’m looking into creating a new region for fun too).

Max Barry’s NationStates main site

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WWW - "Google Removes Its Help Entry on Censorship"

This site explores the results of various search queries on and
Of course, depending on the subject, you can expect a gigantic gap (take the google image results for “Tienanmen Square” for example, at the bottom of the page).

Asking if it’s better to enable a bit of information with China instead of breaking communications is delicate. But I’d guess Google isn’t challenging its ideology at all on this one. After all, this is a huge company now, nothing else, even if its image tend to say it’s close to us.

It’s time to find alternatives to Google’s mighty power when it comes to searching the internet. I’ve been way too lazy and confident about that. “How to do free yourself” has already been asked on MetaFilter… About getting rid of Google search and GoogleAds. Have a look. :)


WWW - roadrage + messengers = bad mix

Woa! I often react in disgust when riding my bike and witnessing some motorist’s behaviour, and these pictures (taken in Toronto) are amazing. How can’t you sympathize with the female courier!

More pics and lots of comments here .

Here’s the story from the comments on the original site :
i did not see the beginning of this, but the report goes as follows: motorist throws food out of window. courier, disliking littering, picks up food and throws food back in car. motorist dumps coffee on courier. courier scratches car with key. road rage ensues.

the courier is female. i ‘got away’ with taking pics by just doing it openly. nobody noticed me because the focus is obviously on the altercation at hand.

i followed the motorist back to his car to photograph his license plate number. he proceeded to open his trunk, take out a baseball bat, and charge me. i walked away, and was one of only two witnesses to stay at the scene and give a statement to police.

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WWW - Private warriors (in Iraq) - Frontline / PBS

You’ll find there 4 videos (around 10-12′ each) avalaible for streaming. The commentaries are quite cautious & neutral, and the whole documentary is insightfull.

In “Private Warriors,” FRONTLINE correspondent Martin Smith travels throughout Kuwait and Iraq to give viewers an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at companies like Kellogg, Brown & Root, a Halliburton subsidiary, and its civilian army. KBR has 50,000 employees in Iraq and Kuwait that run U.S. military supply lines and operate U.S. military bases. KBR is also the largest contractor in Iraq, providing the Army with $11.84 billion dollars in services since 2002. […]

Read the extended here


WWW - Opinionista just got out of her own closet. Cheers.

Great news! Opinionista, as she stated in one of her last message, has just launched her new site (Wordpress -, resigned from her law firm and told the world her real name (I let you discover it by yourself). At last, I guess it’s a damn’ relief.
I feel happy for her and wish her best luck for her oncoming novel.

Hello everyone, welcome to the new site. If you’re having trouble navigating it, we’re still working out a few technical quirks. New posts, pictures etc. will be forthcoming - I’m still in the process of overcoming my technological incompetence and trying to figure out how this whole Wordpress thing works. […]
(read the extended here)

Beware though, the new site is still a bit messy. By following the archive links, you may quickly find your way while waiting for the promised improvements. Concerning the rss feeds, they updated automatically like a charm.

NB: Sorry for the easy “out-of-the-closet” title. I’m actually pretending I can articulate something in english, but I’m only french like hell.


WWW - The Best of Google Video

There are certainly a lot more still outside this page, but it’s a nice wrap-up of many of the most classical videos you’ve certainly already seen over the years. best of Google may sound a bit pretentious though.
Among my favourites are : the japanese customs explained to the confused, the guy with the elbow stuck on the intercom, the explosive whale, Terry Tate office linebacker, and the old lady triggering the guy’s airbag (Hoax for me, but I laughed hard, the first time I saw it)… Have fun

By the way, all the merit belongs to the guy who put them together.
The Best of Google Video


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