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It just happened to me. I was suddently unable to open a trackview in 3dsMax 8 anymore. Instead of deleting the 3dsmax.ini, one more time, I decided to give maxscript a try and search for usable functions… My script is very straightforward, and will delete all the instances of trackview windows in your maxscene, and hopefully, the one that are closed, but outside of your screen(s)… If you have a window that is still open, it won’t harm it.
Else, I tried first to reposition the non-openning window, without success. So, here’s the quick and rude solution to my little problem.

– Rude cleanser - Trackviews — v1 — For max 8 (will do the trick with
– max 7 or perhaps 6)
– By Gwen Heliou ©2006 -
– Will simply erase all the closed or invisible trackview instances
– it will find. Usefull when you can’t open your trackviews anymore.
– …Worked for me. :)

Ha, by the way, I guess you’re a grown cg-artist, so use my script at your own risks. :)

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  1. Nicholas said,

    May 1, 2006 @ 3:09 am

    Woa, usefull !! Thanks.

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