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Image published

Cool! One of my pic (Lightspeed paradox) was picked to be printed into the “Elemental” book pages (Pascal Blanche, our artistic director on Myst IV, did the cover with his “Gladiator” pic). Check at Ballistic Publishing for orders. ;) You’ll find it here into the CG work gallery (Homework).


Myst is coming gold !

Well well well, I just can’t believe we are finishing this game (Myst IV)!! After all these month. It’s becoming beautifull and well balanced. But I can’t wait to see it on the shelves. I’m supposed to switch to Splinter Cell 3 ps2 when I’ll be back from vacations on september. Goood. Expect some exclusive pic from Myst IV inserted on my site in a few months (when the game will be on the shelves for a while).


Interviewed by Chaosgroup

Ooops, I forgot to mention that I’ve been interviewed by the guys of Chaosgroup about our use of V-Ray (Discreet’s 3dsmax Render plug-in, doing great deal of global illumination). You can read the stuff on their site (It was an early release of info about Myst and I couln’t unfortunnately tell much about the game).