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WWW - Web finds for today

Not much, I’m entering a lazzy week end period far away from my computer.

Here’s a small flash game where you can try by yourself the power of martial arts and chopsticks to catch flies

And, by the way, if you missed the 30 sec movies re-enacted by bunnies, here’s their last opus. Pulp fiction (Also Shinning, Jaws, Alien, etc…).

And here’s a pretty good ad. I won’t spoil the end, as this CG movie is all about.>


Music - Ministry Messiah / music video / Apsits

Intriguing and very well realized music video. I loved the style (Special prize of the public at the 5th festival of digital art and electronic music Barcelona).


Techo - Starship modeler / Web resource

Betty by Tony Agustin (?) or Alfred Wong (?)

Here’s an enormous web resource for scale spaceship modelers. I’m not one, as I’m cheating and working 3D most of the time. These guys take days(months) with real materials when I can drop a few volumes with my favorite CG package. I’ve also found there a guy who has made the Alien IV’s Betty from scratch. And his looks better than mine. :)
Starship Modeler web resource


Music - Old 78rpm LPs in MP3 // TURTLE’S "78 RPM" JUKEBOX

That’s simply amazing. My girlfriend, a friend of hers and I have spent half of the evening listening to these old tunes (early 20th century)… Wow, the way I’m talking about the 20th century makes me chill… Sounds like the girl in Snowcrash. Anyway, it’s simply a beautyfull goldmine, filled with old tunes. I love this guy. Pay his site a visit.


WWW - Web find #2

Well, it’s like interesting stuff is pouring tonight. As I’m too lazy to add many commentaries to each (Are you gratefull I stacked them already into this page? What a work…). You’ll find nice commercials, music videos, some fake stuff, mind blowing stuff (Internet kind, the one you fwd to a friend in the minute), and, yadda yadda… Red wine was pouring too this night, and I’m a bit more than just lazy. Have fun.
The only, anymore, SW stuff you’ll see me linking, I swear. The way ad creatives use counter-culture and transgressive topics makes me sick, by the way…
Nice music video // Quasimoto - Bullyshit | Directed & illustrated by James Reitano
Really nice music video. Nice music too.
Taxi driver isn’t far away… Talking to me ?
Same old fake add, inapropriate to take place in Africa, but the CG integation is clean.
Well, whatever. Talk to your nurse.…..too long
Some pseudo revolutionnary concept about non-linear video. Interesting though, but I need to see more to be convinced.
Gives me goosebumps, as I’m working for the videogame industry…
Old, but a very very nice concept for this Beck’s video.
Huh, yeah ? Cool.
As usual, one of the best commercial I’ve seen, selling crap.

Did I mention there was some old stuff too ? No ? Sure ?… Good night. :)

credits: Most of these links were harvested from Appolo Pony - You’ll find thumbnails and full lenght descriptions there.

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