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Maxscript - Rude cleanser - Trackviews

It just happened to me. I was suddently unable to open a trackview in 3dsMax 8 anymore. Instead of deleting the 3dsmax.ini, one more time, I decided to give maxscript a try and search for usable functions… My script is very straightforward, and will delete all the instances of trackview windows in your maxscene, and hopefully, the one that are closed, but outside of your screen(s)… If you have a window that is still open, it won’t harm it.
Else, I tried first to reposition the non-openning window, without success. So, here’s the quick and rude solution to my little problem.

– Rude cleanser - Trackviews — v1 — For max 8 (will do the trick with
– max 7 or perhaps 6)
– By Gwen Heliou ©2006 -
– Will simply erase all the closed or invisible trackview instances
– it will find. Usefull when you can’t open your trackviews anymore.
– …Worked for me. :)

Ha, by the way, I guess you’re a grown cg-artist, so use my script at your own risks. :)

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Maxscript - Updating a script using embedded ActiveX

I just found very interesting this tutorial from Rod Green (Via about how letting users update their script (should work with many script languages using activeX such as Mel or Xsi) and query a web server for version number and such infos… Great !


PSP - My first LUA script for PSP

Well, I’m not sure if the world will notice my first script in LUA for PSP, but here is it!
It’s loaded with features, like displaying a nice pic, enabling the USB and listing the number of directories into “GAME”… and, uh, that’s it. ;) In 2 words : That’s useless.

Instructions : Extract the script.lua and background.png to the root of Luaplayer (Will crush your former script.lua, beware) OR create a dir into our /Lowser/applications/Bio/ and browse…

By the way, pay a visit to Joachim Bengtsson’s LOWSER, a browser for LUA on PSP.
The same with LUA player for PSP, if you missed it, it’s here : Frank Buss’s Lua Player.

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BioTools - MaxPack 1.0 - MAXScript

Here’s my first little compilation of scripts for 3dsmax7 (Should work for 6 in many cases but it’s untested).
For now, it’s only a bunch of simple macroscripts that you can use with a shortcut to ease your work.
  • Convert to mesh - Self explanatory
  • Convert to poly - Self explanatory
  • Axis toggle - Toggle from local to view axis
  • Straighten Us & Vs - Will align (Toggle) your UVW vertices on the border of the pic you’re Unwraping (top/bottom/recall position - left/right/recall position). Handy for low-poly unwraping very quickly.
  • Vertex toggle - Toggle display of vertex color on selection
  • Preserve UVs - A simple way to activate this feature inside Editable poly mode with a shortcut (ie. while moving vertices at the same time)

BioTools_MaxPack.1.0.exe (57Kb - SFX rar archive) - Unpack directly into your 3dsmax7 directory hen go fetch the scripts in the “customize UI” menu, BioTools category.


New category - Maxscript

As I was writting more and more scripts for 3dsmax, I felt the need to open a new category here and let the world know about it. ;)

Well, seriously, I’m not a programmer, and I lack of basis in term of trigonometry and maths, but some of my colleagues I’m writing scripts for found them very handy.
Unfortunnately, the core scripts are dedicated to the game project I’m working on actually (network paths, file format, etc) plus, it’s work related and not mine anymore (And I also gathered other people’s work and I won’t feel comfy to release that as mine neither). So, you’ll find some few bits of script I’ve been working on at home.

Expect to find more soon about that. Cheers. :)