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GRAFX - The sect of Homokaasu / Rasterbator / 80zer

Well, I’ve little to say except that hey have made an art of transforming my free time into clic-clics and smiles. Get yourself lost visiting their experiments. And do not miss the Rasterbator and the 80zer (Among many many other), of course!! The first will transform picture of any size to a wall poster, the second transforms any web site into a 80′ one.
The sect of Homokaasu


WWW - You don’t know shit about Iraq / Iraq uncensored

You’ll find there an interesting entry about Iraq (Chris Bower’s blog - Apr 20th, 2004). Here’s an abstract, below.
Here are also shockingly beautiful pictures. That’s Iraq uncensored

“For starters, you don’t speak Arabic. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance you don’t even know someone who speaks Arabic. Further, you probably don’t even know what percentage of Iraqis speak Arabic. I know for damn certain that you don’t speak Kurdish.

Second, you have never been to Iraq. You may have seen a few maps on TV, but you have never actually been there. There is even a reasonable chance that you could not identify Iraq on a blank map. Almost certainly you do not know which countries border Iraq, without looking at a map. Its very likely you have never met anyone from Iraq, even if you have seen a few on TV.

Third, you probably know fuck all about Islam. You don’t know what the word means in Arabic. You don’t know the difference between Sunni and Shiite Islam. You don’t know which type of Islam is more common in the region or in the world. you don’t known when Ramadan is. You don’t know when Muslims pray. You don’t know where Mecca and Medina are. you don’t know why those two cities are so important in the religion. You don’t know when Mohammad lived. You have never read the Koran. You probably have even read part of it. You don’t know what is forbidden by Islam, or what is permitted. You have maybe one Muslim friend.

Fourth, you have no clue about the history of the region. You have never heard of the Ottoman empire. You don’t know about regional politics and the nineteenth century. You don’t know what the British did in Iraq. You don’t know about WWI in the region. You don’t know when Iraq became independent. You don’t know when Saddam Hussein took power. Even though you were alive the entire time, you don’t know when the Iran-Iraq war took place. Before the war started, you only knew the same of one city in Iraq–Baghdad.“[…]
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WWW - World War 2 Pictures In Color gallery

That’s a wonderfull site, with thousands of pictures taken from the WW 2.

World War 2 Pictures In Color
Too bad it’s lacking of other nation’s civilian war effort (Japanese, russian…).
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WWW - Blocking spam referer zombie attacks (Andrewsaluk)

Lately, I’ve been regulary spammed by BS sites trying to gain some google rank popularity by adding their referal to ppl’s referer list (Is that “Referer” or “Referrer” by the way?).
Depending on the quality of the spam, it’s accessing the site (generating random url sources and platforms or not) and refering to the same base url.

I started by filtering out the spamer’s url in the referer, which is “Adrewsaluk”, but it didn’t stopped the massive amount of ping against the server. And of course, bbclone kept logging every single one, bugging the stats. After some slight searchs, I found that blocking access by referer was possible using .htaccess. That was exactly what I was looking for, as every single access was logged as a different source but refering to the same url.

Here are the lines I’ve added to mine. Beware of the carriage returns. Your file must be in ascii format.

  • RewriteEngine On
  • RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} (texas-holdem\.andrewsaluk\.com) [NC,OR]
  • RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} (www\.andrewsaluk\.com) [NC]
  • RewriteRule .* - [F,L]

The 403 error that will be generated can be a problem by itself because of the denial of service it generates (if the spam is huge).
I’ve read somewhere something about setting a custom 403 page in order to let “real human being” to link to the right page, instead of outputing a single 403 error page.
By the way, do not forget that a single error when editing your .htaccess file can result in forbidding the access to yourself, which can be embarrassing. ;)

If you wish to explore more rules and syntax, you should read this example of file (source here) :
[… read in extended]
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Techno - BlogTorrent / Torrent sharing using PHP

Here’s a nice little breakthrough. I often wondered how to broadcast videos and demos without the hassle of sucking bandwidth to my provider, and here it comes. It’s a nice way to install and/or share torrents using PHP and RSS feeds (as trackers) directly into a blog. That means more torrents to come because everybody can easily become a source of trackers.
I’m not so sure with the upload feature though (what security I have to avoid people uploadling illegal stuff on my webspace, not only .torrents?).
Well, it’s going to be a standard in the few days or not, we’ll see. ;)
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Gadget - Very nice object designs
You’ll find them all here.
Yeah, I know, I’ll browse you fav’ gadget site for you. ;)
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Movie - New Hitchhikers Guide Exclusive Bonus Trailer !!

A new trailer has just been released. How hilarious is it going to be ?!! :) Have a look.

Hitchhikers Guide Exclusive Bonus Trailer on Ugo.


Techno - PeerGuardian 2 Public Beta Now Out!

PeerGuardian 2 Public Beta Now Out!
As the title said. Go download it folks (Read more in extended) :)

Peer guardian Beta 2 info page (Beware of fake links and spyware attempts around this little piece of software)
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Movie - Episode 3 Star wars pictures "leak"

Episode 3 Star wars pictures leak
I’m feeling like Bisley in “Spaced”. He is a comic artist, working in a comicbook shop. And he’s able to swear against a poor 8 years old little boy trying to buy a Jar-Jar action figure. “What a prick” he said. It’s like the Episode 1 broke something.
But I’ll be in the theater to watch that, for sure. I won’t be in the early queues, I won’t be disguised. That’s sure too.
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Game - Doom mod for Doom3 / Doom3 classic.

Doom mod for Doom3 / Doom3 classic
That’s weird. But as you can see by yourself, the guy did the job very weel, so far. A remake of the original DOom using the latests Doom3 engine.
The last time I played Doom (original), I just thought that I was an adult now. ;) (Well, that’s technically right). The pleasure nor the spirit are the same for sure, but I’ll remember forever my first night spent playing doom.

What is Classic Doom for Doom 3? Doom 3 is a great update for the original game - it embodies the new way of game design thinking: that games can be cinematic and emotion-invoking experiences. This is a good thing. In fact, the games industry probably needs something like Doom 3 to prove this methodology works, and I really enjoyed playing Doom 3 - it was immersive and brilliantly scary. The graphics were superb and were used to tremendous effect - both for storytelling and underwear-browning. However, there are always those of us with fond memories of 1993 and the original Doom game, and just going around… well kicking ass. When Doom 3 was released, I decided to try my hand at mapping. I had no idea where to start so I figured I do something relatively easy by today’s standards - the angular corridors of The Ultimate Doom’s E1M1.

The Doom 3 classic site
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