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Site migration -

Hi guys,

It has been some time. I took on me to migrate the old posts and everything towards something easier to maintain: This is my new blog/personalsite. I will be happy to see you there.

 Gwen Heliou 

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Surprise update of the unupdatable

Hi there,

Happy new year for once!

As I’m now working at Ubisoft Digital Arts (UDA - Ubisoft Montreal), things have changed slightly since Ubisoft Montreal (Now CG supervisor and/or TD on our mixed game/film pipeline).

Here’s a link to Gwen Heliou’s profile on LinkedIn ( For convenience, that’s the only profile I’ll be keeping up-to-date.

You can also reach me on : 

Cheers, love. That’s it for 2009. ;)

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Blog closed / Migration to wordpress

Ninja edit from 2015: You can find Gwen Heliou:’s blog at  

This blog is now migrated to Wordpress (from Dotclear) for sanity (my own) and compatibility reasons.

Do not expect posts from now on.

The theme used is pretty simple and I won’t spend time trying to adapt my old style to WP. I let the blog as is (if you care) in order to help old friends and search engines keep a track…

Thanks for reading and arivédercho.

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