Game - Doom mod for Doom3 / Doom3 classic.

Doom mod for Doom3 / Doom3 classic
That’s weird. But as you can see by yourself, the guy did the job very weel, so far. A remake of the original DOom using the latests Doom3 engine.
The last time I played Doom (original), I just thought that I was an adult now. ;) (Well, that’s technically right). The pleasure nor the spirit are the same for sure, but I’ll remember forever my first night spent playing doom.

What is Classic Doom for Doom 3? Doom 3 is a great update for the original game - it embodies the new way of game design thinking: that games can be cinematic and emotion-invoking experiences. This is a good thing. In fact, the games industry probably needs something like Doom 3 to prove this methodology works, and I really enjoyed playing Doom 3 - it was immersive and brilliantly scary. The graphics were superb and were used to tremendous effect - both for storytelling and underwear-browning. However, there are always those of us with fond memories of 1993 and the original Doom game, and just going around… well kicking ass. When Doom 3 was released, I decided to try my hand at mapping. I had no idea where to start so I figured I do something relatively easy by today’s standards - the angular corridors of The Ultimate Doom’s E1M1.

The Doom 3 classic site

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