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Techno - Resources for building snowboards - Grafsnowboards

When reading this diary of these guys creating their own board from scratch, I’m almost eager of this winter. Hum, not really, but when you live in Quebec, you need to find ways to entertain yourself by minus 30 celcius. :) Note to self : Need to sharpen my board, quick…
It’s very interesting by itself, as you discover what a board is made of, what technics are involved, etc. They even created the pneumatic press from scratch! Worth the read, for sure (I won’t bother type a whole entry about that anyway, if it wasn’t good.). The diary is here : Grafsnowboards
For my own, I’ll try to spend what’s left of the summer happily, waiting for upcoming weather conditions like the perfect snow we had in february when riding with Oleev (Cheers!).
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PSP - NYC2123 Dayender - 1st comic for the PSP

Here’s a promising initiative, all in Creative Commons. One of the first (take it with the salt) comic dedicated to the PSP I’ve found on the internet. The format is exactly what the PSP can show (Using Jpeg viewer - JVIEW), the style is dark and contrasted. 59 slides of black and white cyberpunk. I’m not totally convinced by the whole, but I can’t criticise any further. I’m just waiting for the folowing. Hurry up, the next issue is due for september the 9th, and it’s downloadable there : NYC2123 Dayender - A graphic novel for the PSP. Yummy !

I’d love to see more comics like that in the future on the PSP. I know enough starving professionnal writers and artists who can’t sell their stories and who would find a very large audience that way.
Imagine mixing a PSP with downloadable free content, random wifi access points, and, let’s say, some people commuting / waiting for a friend in a bar / at a dentist… Well, even willing to read some good graphic novels at home, like me!

NYC2123 Dayender

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WWW - This spartan life / A talk show in game space

Here are quite old news for Gizmondos readers, but that may interest the few people who, like me, were avid fans of cyberpunk litterature (Neal Stephenson coming as a giant bubble of fresh oxygen afterwards) and still are. Seing what the guys from “This spartan life” manage to do is rubbing my old fainting heart in the right direction.

They interview real people, or simply act like fools, with decent atari style mixes… all dressed in Halo suits, online!
The result is good, entertaining and very refreshing. For now, the experimentations, discoveries of the genre are taking 50% of the interview time, but that’s something. The guy have to get rid of some disturbing newbee during the interview, etc. Well, in a few words : Do not miss the interviews. They’ve grabbed something here, and I’ll look further into what they’ll be able to realize next.. And if you’re hallergic to atari music, I’m sorry about that. This spartan life


PSP - My first LUA script for PSP

Well, I’m not sure if the world will notice my first script in LUA for PSP, but here is it!
It’s loaded with features, like displaying a nice pic, enabling the USB and listing the number of directories into “GAME”… and, uh, that’s it. ;) In 2 words : That’s useless.

Instructions : Extract the script.lua and background.png to the root of Luaplayer (Will crush your former script.lua, beware) OR create a dir into our /Lowser/applications/Bio/ and browse…

By the way, pay a visit to Joachim Bengtsson’s LOWSER, a browser for LUA on PSP.
The same with LUA player for PSP, if you missed it, it’s here : Frank Buss’s Lua Player.

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WWW - Ghost town - Chernobyl on motorbike

I visited her site and saw her pictures a while ago. She is basically touring on her motorbike through the dead zone of Chernobyl. I’ve been fascinated by the story of this nuclear nightmare, and still is. Her tales, advices, and pictures in the zone are worth the visit, for sure. Where can’t you stay, what do you need to know about gamma radiations, Roentgens, what is safe, what is not, and so on. Plus the magic of the place; Emptied houses, restless nature, truck cemetaries, free roads, hanging autumn trees,… That’s Ghost Town, Elena’s website.

**Off topic** By the way, when the hell “Stalker, Shadow of Chernobyl” will go gold ?!


WWW - Opinionistas / Lawyer’s Blog from NYC

I’ve just discovered that I was reading her blog for the exact and same amount of time than Rob’s Clublife but didn’t mention hers yet. Well, you should read her entries instead of mine if you wish to get a good idea about Opinionistas. She a junior lawyer, working for a big firm, in NY city. And what she’s describing as her day to day life at this firm is often hilarious or at least sociologically interesting… Worth the reading.

What, still here? Go read her stories : Opinionistas

Here’s a very short “taste” of her last entry :

Thank God for Boyfriend. Besides putting up with my general bullshit, he has single-handedly kept me mentally intact during the past year or so, pasting together the shreds of my sanity as I leap over constant career chasms only to miss the edge and splatter on the ground in a depressed bloody heap.
I offer to get fresh drinks, and Partner shoves his empty glass in my direction indicating a desired refill. When I return, of course they’re discussing politics. The one remaining red flag has been stomped and cast aside.
Partner: What does it really matter anyway? Why shouldn’t I vote for whatever candidate will lower my taxes?
Boyfriend: So you’re saying you feel no social responsibility to anyone else in this country, the government exists to give you tax breaks.
P: (falters, amazed that anyone is actually questioning his views on anything) As far as I’m concerned, it does.



WWW - Underworld live

Simply Underworld. A new album !! I’m still listening to them, at least a couple of times per week, often when riding through the traffic on my bike.
Underworld live

The site also sells shirts and stuff…


WWW - Zombiefication Process by Plantaeform Viral Symbiosis

Haaaa, that’s what I call scientific information. :) Well, I’m always eager to know more about useless and weird things, specially when I learn, at the end, that a shotgun may help prevent the spread of the disease. Rock on !
Zombiefication Process

[…] According to all definitions of life, viruses are not alive. Like computers, synthetic in nature, we refused, merely because they did not win, to believe that they are in fact a unique form of life that, if dice rolled differently, could easily be as prevalent as prokaryotes. […]

Source of the thumbnail ? (Hires pics) Shaun of the dead of course ! From hollywoodjesus