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WWW - Web finds

Here’s a little bunch of links. I’m a bit tired of harvesting stuff and puting it here. So here’s a selection of what I thought might be some interest for “you”…

So nice song from Radiohead. Pyramid

Unintentionally sexual comic book covers: part 1 Well, that’s worth a visit, at least for the log one.

Personnality test by drawing a pig: try here

Latest Smart ad. …with lemmings.

Wordcount. Pretty little flash app.

Pages after pages of nice spirit and non-sense in a comic. Beaver & Steve

Autostich. A free panorama utility

I’m totally defenseless when exposed to robots on strike Various robots on motion… Such as this footless robot.


Music - Autechre / Untilted

Yep, you read well. Untilted. Autechre guys… :)
Almost inaudible. When it comes to Autechre, I just need to have the right state of mind , like this evening (Most of the time, I just can stick to breakbeat or jungle in loops like a dead fish).
In fact, I guess half of my interest to Autechre is due to the talent of the people who directed their clips (Read Chris Cunningham of course). Some of the tunes are available for direct streaming, hopefully. Thanks for that!


Techno - More robots!

The amount of new robots, or robot-like products is growing. Here’s something interesting. Here’s a cool wrap-up of old and new robots, mostly walking or jumping (Asimo, KHR, HRP-2, Nuvo, Toyota biped, Qrio, Silf, etc…) -


WWW - Chickenfarm / Slaughter

Pay a visit to this site, prior to buy another chicken at the supermarket. Yeah, that’s still good on the bbq, but we tend to forget how it’s made.
You’ll also find chicken free recipes. :)


Geez! - USA / a particular sense of humor

WASHINGTON (AP) — Of all the things that can make a person see red, school principal Gail Karwoski was not expecting parents to get huffy about, well, seeing red. At Daniels Farm Elementary School in Trumbull, Connecticut, Karwoski’s teachers grade papers by giving examples of better answers for those students who make mistakes. But that approach meant the kids often found their work covered in red, the color that teachers long have used to grade work.

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said Tuesday he intends to sign a bill that would allow people who feel threatened on the street, in a bar, at a ball game - or just about anywhere - to “meet force with force” to defend themselves without fear of being prosecuted.

Well… USA, as entity, is a gigantic source of fun and doesn’t even know it. It’s like sitting on top of a pile of gold coins and still eating peas. I guess many people in the USA are getting getting the humor of that but it keeps pouring out of the medias. ;)

Compare these 2 articles, as a matter of explanation of the USA’s fabulous, underrated, sense of humor.
…I need a drink. Something strong.

Red ink falling out of favor with teachers
Bill allowing people to “meet force with force” heads to governor [of Florida]

EDIT ***

***HCMFJCHCROFL***!!! I can’t believe this…
America, we stand as one - Video
I still have got TONS of things to discover in my young life…
…I need another drink. Something stronger.