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WWW - Bouncer on duty

I’ve been reading his blog for the last two weeks and almost every entry was entertaining and worth the read (Yeah, I’m a former anthropologist masochist anyway). That’s perhaps the first time ever I’ve been able to browse people’s page and read their stuff from A to Z without quiting before the end. I mean, internet readings of course.
Briefly. He’s talking about his feelings towards customers (patrons named Guidos), staff, mobsters, VIPs and various topics related to his activity (That’s a part time job though). The guy knows how to write, he also knows how to grab your attention until the end of his stories. I guess his talent would be working on any story, not only stuff taking action in famous clubs around NYC. That’s so far from my world, I can’t say this particular topic interests me much. At least, I worked as a bartender for a while and know for a fact how long the time is and how distracting are the patrons when it comes to help time flee.
Sadly, it seems that he’s kind of stuck into working as a bouncer and telling stories about that until the end of the world. It’s like having some kind of power trips is not totally uninteresting, besides his night shift earns him some needed bucks… Well, I’m not the best person to give an opinion about that, and anyway, I had a pretty good time reading his blog. Now, I’m just waiting for his next entry. Count 2 or 3 a week. that’s a good bargain. I wish him best luck about finding a way to sell his present stories and others in the future of course, making a living about that. That’s what all good storytellers deserve. Clublife


Techno - Robosapien hacks and Lego genius…

Robosapien hacks
You’ll find beneath two interesting hacks (one seems quite hard to accomplish) if you own a robosapien. I’ve got one myself, and like the other electronic thinguies at home, I’ve searched ways to ehance them the best I could. Unfortunnately, that particular bit of technology is lacking some versatility, such as freedom of movement and some electronic open for week-end modders like me.

Rubick’s cube robot solver
Haa, if after playing with Mindrover for a while, you’d like to taste what’s robotic look like, Lego Mindstorms seems to be a good pick! Look at what this guy has done. A Rubik’s cube solver, made all of Legos. I’m drooling.