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Grafx - L’attaque du poulpe rouge (Attack of the red octopussy)

That’s an amazingly great short made in flash. A must see !


ID section added

I’ve added some personnal info into the ID section, such as various links, etc. I’ll try to keep that updated.


Techno - CherryOS mimics mac

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Now working on Splinter Cell Chaos Theory PS2

I’m now working on SCX (Splinter Cell 3 ps2 Chaos Theory) as level artist. That’s funny and interesting as I wasn’t familiar with the Unreal editor. Now, I am, trust me! ;-)
The project is almost finished and our maps are coming quite well !

The difference between the xbox version and our (ps2) is of course visible (Often in term of topology, game design), but graphically, some areas are very close the xbox’s version. I hope we give some goosebumbs to many players.