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-RSS feed - waste of time

///Update/// I’m still trying. Some pseudo links going to pseudo php scripts let me think that perhaps, somewhere, there’s a rss working… ;) /// end of update ///

Well, after 3 infortunate hours of search on “how to create dynamically RSS feeds related to my entries”, I started to think… “Who’s going to use this kind of resources anyway?” - “Why the hell are there 4 differents formats? To ease communication? RotF.” - “Where are these 3 hours of my life, spent for nothing except trying to figure out how to generate the perfect rss.php or atom.php file…”

Sorry, but until further notice, there will be no RSS feed for this site, and who cares anyways ?

***Going to interact with my Blogwidow-girlfriend instead of scratching my head for absolutely nothing except satisfying my insane technigogo curiosity***
Good night chaps ! :)

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Cosmetic problems with IE

I’ve just checked again the blog with IE and I’ve still overlapping bugs. And IE seems to misunderstand the “font-size:” attribute… Grmbl… As I’m using Mozilla most of the time, it doesn’t seem so annoying to me. I’ll check the stats just in case too many people are browsing the blog with IE (Damn, what an idea !).
If someone has a clue about how to fix that (The original dc theme is “digital fashion”). Thanks.

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Humor/Reaction- Mocking iPod Marketroid

Well, sometimes, I just feel I need to bash someone. That perhaps linked to my problem with ties ? ;) Who knows…
Excellent entry from Gizmodo about Ipod’s marketer in chief, and then follow-up to Wired


Near future for "1000 degrees below zero" blog

As everything seem to be running fine now, stable, looking exactly the same wiz Moz and IE, I can sit and open a beer. 1000 degrees below zero is running, all systems nominal. :)
Arrr, I’ve already some plans for some ehancements in the next days, and some more when a couple of weeks will pass.

  • At first, I’ll set properly some RSS feeds and I’ll try to figure out why there are so many formats. ;)
  • This site also need some more ways to handle entries, passing with time. Perhaps some sticky or digest functionnality. I don’t know yet.
  • Then, I’ll need some help to state if the interface is ok, if people can read and access to everything without much effort, if the Coppermine gallery is ok, and of course, if it’s worth browsing it.

You are welcome to add comments everywhere of course, but especially into this entry if you feel something still need improvement (I’ll find a way to stick this entry on top).

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Grafx - Daniel Levy - Music videos

I’ll kill for this beat of Massive attack. It reminds me Minimal compact, or perhaps Die Form, perhaps… Damn I’m old. ;)
Link to the music videos
Listen to the LFO piece too, BtW. Well, I’d betterl borrow Olivier’s Chris Cunningham DVD. ;)


The next Prince of Persia

I’ll be part of the next Prince of Persia (Pop3 - Sands of time serie) as technical director on Xbox / ps2 / Gamecube. Good news ! The production has already started and the full team will be gathered in the next few days here at Montreal. The schedule is tight and we know that this production is going to be a gentle hell (You know, some kind of rushing/challenging prod, as usual. Am I sarcastic ? No).

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Humor/Reaction - Bad album covers

Even though you’ve already seen a batch of these, here is a huge bunch of new. :)


Gadget - Awesome office weapon


CG work online

You’ll find some changes and many more materials in the new gallery (Coppermine). Wooohooo ! ;)

CG Gallery


CG Gallery / major update today

Here’s the link to the online gallery (Same link as on your right). Have a nice trip. :)

CG Gallery


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