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CG Gallery / major update today

Here’s the link to the online gallery (Same link as on your right). Have a nice trip. :)

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ID - Personnal info in a snap

My name is Gwen (Gwenael) Heliou. Welcome to this entry dedicated to bragging and self promotion.

I’ve been working for the video game industry for the last 9 years (Mostly, with some escapes to CG cinematics & animation).

I’m actually located in Canada, working for Ubisoft (Montreal’s studio) as art technical director (art TD then).

    Latest releases…
  • Prince of Persia - The two thrones (TD art)
  • Splinter Cell - Chaos theory (Level artist)
  • Rainbow 6 - Raven shield (Cinematic artist)
  • Myst IV Revelation (TD art)


  • 3dsmax expert.
  • 3D & compositing all-rounder
  • Support to the art team (Up to 35 ppl on a daily basis, lately on PoP3)
  • Knowledge gathering & teaching (recipes / best practices / trainings & courses)
  • Easing the production pipeline & workflow

Feel free to contact me here : Feedback form

You’ll find relevant infos by browsing this LinkedIn profile (Should work if you’re a member), my CG gallery on this same blog, or following these various external links :

Thanks for reading !




//end of bragging



New model finished - Betty

I’ve just finished a new model. The Betty, a lovely spaceship from Alien IV Resurection. You’ll find it into the CG works gallery of course (Search the categories on the right)


Backgrounds from Dark Earth 2

Here are a few backgrounds from DarkEarth2, a game that never saw the light of day. (we were 45 working on it, till 99).
Enjoy ! More to come. You’ll find them into the CG work category on the left (Corporate works). here

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