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I’ve just discovered that I was reading her blog for the exact and same amount of time than Rob’s Clublife but didn’t mention hers yet. Well, you should read her entries instead of mine if you wish to get a good idea about Opinionistas. She a junior lawyer, working for a big firm, in NY city. And what she’s describing as her day to day life at this firm is often hilarious or at least sociologically interesting… Worth the reading.

What, still here? Go read her stories : Opinionistas

Here’s a very short “taste” of her last entry :

Thank God for Boyfriend. Besides putting up with my general bullshit, he has single-handedly kept me mentally intact during the past year or so, pasting together the shreds of my sanity as I leap over constant career chasms only to miss the edge and splatter on the ground in a depressed bloody heap.
I offer to get fresh drinks, and Partner shoves his empty glass in my direction indicating a desired refill. When I return, of course they’re discussing politics. The one remaining red flag has been stomped and cast aside.
Partner: What does it really matter anyway? Why shouldn’t I vote for whatever candidate will lower my taxes?
Boyfriend: So you’re saying you feel no social responsibility to anyone else in this country, the government exists to give you tax breaks.
P: (falters, amazed that anyone is actually questioning his views on anything) As far as I’m concerned, it does.


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