WWW - This spartan life / A talk show in game space

Here are quite old news for Gizmondos readers, but that may interest the few people who, like me, were avid fans of cyberpunk litterature (Neal Stephenson coming as a giant bubble of fresh oxygen afterwards) and still are. Seing what the guys from “This spartan life” manage to do is rubbing my old fainting heart in the right direction.

They interview real people, or simply act like fools, with decent atari style mixes… all dressed in Halo suits, online!
The result is good, entertaining and very refreshing. For now, the experimentations, discoveries of the genre are taking 50% of the interview time, but that’s something. The guy have to get rid of some disturbing newbee during the interview, etc. Well, in a few words : Do not miss the interviews. They’ve grabbed something here, and I’ll look further into what they’ll be able to realize next.. And if you’re hallergic to atari music, I’m sorry about that. This spartan life

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