WWW - You don’t know shit about Iraq / Iraq uncensored

You’ll find there an interesting entry about Iraq (Chris Bower’s blog - Apr 20th, 2004). Here’s an abstract, below.
Here are also shockingly beautiful pictures. That’s Iraq uncensored

“For starters, you don’t speak Arabic. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance you don’t even know someone who speaks Arabic. Further, you probably don’t even know what percentage of Iraqis speak Arabic. I know for damn certain that you don’t speak Kurdish.

Second, you have never been to Iraq. You may have seen a few maps on TV, but you have never actually been there. There is even a reasonable chance that you could not identify Iraq on a blank map. Almost certainly you do not know which countries border Iraq, without looking at a map. Its very likely you have never met anyone from Iraq, even if you have seen a few on TV.

Third, you probably know fuck all about Islam. You don’t know what the word means in Arabic. You don’t know the difference between Sunni and Shiite Islam. You don’t know which type of Islam is more common in the region or in the world. you don’t known when Ramadan is. You don’t know when Muslims pray. You don’t know where Mecca and Medina are. you don’t know why those two cities are so important in the religion. You don’t know when Mohammad lived. You have never read the Koran. You probably have even read part of it. You don’t know what is forbidden by Islam, or what is permitted. You have maybe one Muslim friend.

Fourth, you have no clue about the history of the region. You have never heard of the Ottoman empire. You don’t know about regional politics and the nineteenth century. You don’t know what the British did in Iraq. You don’t know about WWI in the region. You don’t know when Iraq became independent. You don’t know when Saddam Hussein took power. Even though you were alive the entire time, you don’t know when the Iran-Iraq war took place. Before the war started, you only knew the same of one city in Iraq–Baghdad.“[…]
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