BioTools - MaxPack 1.0 - MAXScript

Here’s my first little compilation of scripts for 3dsmax7 (Should work for 6 in many cases but it’s untested).
For now, it’s only a bunch of simple macroscripts that you can use with a shortcut to ease your work.
  • Convert to mesh - Self explanatory
  • Convert to poly - Self explanatory
  • Axis toggle - Toggle from local to view axis
  • Straighten Us & Vs - Will align (Toggle) your UVW vertices on the border of the pic you’re Unwraping (top/bottom/recall position - left/right/recall position). Handy for low-poly unwraping very quickly.
  • Vertex toggle - Toggle display of vertex color on selection
  • Preserve UVs - A simple way to activate this feature inside Editable poly mode with a shortcut (ie. while moving vertices at the same time)

BioTools_MaxPack.1.0.exe (57Kb - SFX rar archive) - Unpack directly into your 3dsmax7 directory hen go fetch the scripts in the “customize UI” menu, BioTools category.

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