WWW - "Google Removes Its Help Entry on Censorship"

This site explores the results of various search queries on google.com and google.cn.
Of course, depending on the subject, you can expect a gigantic gap (take the google image results for “Tienanmen Square” for example, at the bottom of the page).

Asking if it’s better to enable a bit of information with China instead of breaking communications is delicate. But I’d guess Google isn’t challenging its ideology at all on this one. After all, this is a huge company now, nothing else, even if its image tend to say it’s close to us.

It’s time to find alternatives to Google’s mighty power when it comes to searching the internet. I’ve been way too lazy and confident about that. “How to do free yourself” has already been asked on MetaFilter… About getting rid of Google search and GoogleAds. Have a look. :)

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