WWW - Opinionista just got out of her own closet. Cheers.

Great news! Opinionista, as she stated in one of her last message, has just launched her new site (Wordpress - Opinionistas.com), resigned from her law firm and told the world her real name (I let you discover it by yourself). At last, I guess it’s a damn’ relief.
I feel happy for her and wish her best luck for her oncoming novel.

Hello everyone, welcome to the new site. If you’re having trouble navigating it, we’re still working out a few technical quirks. New posts, pictures etc. will be forthcoming - I’m still in the process of overcoming my technological incompetence and trying to figure out how this whole Wordpress thing works. […]
(read the extended here)

Beware though, the new site is still a bit messy. By following the archive links, you may quickly find your way while waiting for the promised improvements. Concerning the rss feeds, they updated automatically like a charm.

NB: Sorry for the easy “out-of-the-closet” title. I’m actually pretending I can articulate something in english, but I’m only french like hell.

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