Recipe - Kalashnikov (AK47) cocktail

The “Kalashnikov” (AK47) cocktail recipe

  • Vodka
  • Cointreau (or Triple-sec)
  • Lemon (Sliced)
  • Sugar

  1. Prepare a shooter glass (tiny glass) full of Vodka, next add half a slice of Lemon, lying flat on the lip of the glass.
  2. Pour the sugar on the slice, it will also help keeping the Cointreau, then add a splash of Orange liqueur (Cointreau or Triple-Sec) on the sugar.
  3. Set the glass on fire for a few seconds, take the slice in one hand, drink the glass quickly with the other, then bite the now cointreau-aromatized lemon …

Hmmm, that’s surprinsingly good and appealing! Barman, another one !

One day, we tried with friend some kind of variation on that theme, as there wasn’t any vodka left in the house. We basically replaced the vodka with whisky and named it M16. We were wrong, that was wrong. Good concept, but bad idea, useless to say…

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