Perso - Snow snow, happy happy, joy joy

Well, in a nutshell. It’s been snowing for a couple of weeks now. With, meanwhile, the usual disappointing raises of temperatures which melt our hopes of an oncoming afternoon of snowboard. But tomorrow, and sunday, it’s going to be the real shit. I mean, nice fluffy snow, low temps and all… Like Steve, a friend from Ubi wrote in an email he sent to us lately : “Snow snow, happy happy, joy joy”. That’s my state of mind actually (Not much room for deep thoughts, as it seems. Mix it with long hours on the 360 playing NFS and you’ve got the idea).
We went to Mt St Sauveur this last monday with Oleev, and that was a pretty honest and pleasant first trip for the season. But I’m now eager to see more of it, and quickly please. :)

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