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Splinter Cell CT Chaos Theory
The more we’re approaching march, the more infos about Splinter Cell Chaos Theory are out. I’ve been at last able to hear the theme of the map I’ve been working on as a level artist for the last 6 months (PS2 version). As Amon Tobin did it, I was eager to hear it for sure. I’m already a fan of his work anyway. :) […]

Once in the interface, switch to the “Battery theme” in the player. Battery was the map I was working on, dismantelling it piece by piece from the Xbox version, then rebuilding it, in order to make it work on the ps2 (The constraints are heavier on PS2 than on Xbox).
He wrotte a smooth ambiance which reflects very well the Battery’s spirit (And it sounds like the Amon Tobin I like, too). :) I haven’t bought the soundtrack yet (just have to reach the nearest shop, it’s out in february). You can listen to all the tracks here.
Splinter Cell CT banner
Click on the Splinter Cell CT “Flash experience” icon, on the right.
Sorry, I provided the link already, but that was for the Third Echelon training videos. I won’t add any more entries from now.

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