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Typing short entries, gathering the work of somebody else, pointing an interesting web site, are the most common activities on blogs like mine. I have not much authority to open my mouth about many subjects nor have time or patience to argue over the internet with total strangers. In fact, I’m just considering my blog as a very humble tribune I’m using mostly as a reminder to point people I’m talking with to web sites I’ve found interesting (You’ll quickly find a pattern under the sites I paste here, for sure). My blog has also a professional aim, but that’s on side. As a CG artist, I’ve got some material to show and that’s often how I find interesting jobs.
By considering the traffic it generated, I wanted to know if people, acting in a different way than me, were usually clicking on ads and buying stuff online. Basically, I used Google’s Adsense program, Amazon’s and Share-A-Sale’s rewarding system. When Goggle offers to pay for each 100$ you earn (Both for clicking on ads or using their search app, the last two will reward more often depending on the system you registered to, because each sell is rewarded (5$, 5-10% of the sell, generally).

At the end, I’ve earned more negative feedback from visitors about the bad design of my site (I know) mixed with the fact there were ads on it, than money from Google or Amazon. In fact, my total earning from Google is less then 5$ and there’s still nothing coming from Amazon or Share-A-sale. People used Amazon and Share-A-Sale too, clicking on their links, but not to buy stuff directly, rewarding me for the enormous effort of linking them there. So, use your calc : earnings=0. Waste of time, waste of my public space, waste of your brain and eyes. Even if my girlfriend was totally against the principle of putting ads on my pages, I’d give up and put them all to the bin. The overall results shows that less than 0.2% of the visitors clicked on an ad here. This isn’t demonstrating that 99.8% people were frustrated, bored or annoyed by these same ads, but that’s enough for me to apologize. :)

You may find these sites interesting, Bear left - No logo, and by the way, “No Logo” is also a book (Naomi Klein) dedicated to branding and how it’s spoiling our lifes and harming working conditions over the world. Here’s another good pick, if you wish to go further “Supersize me” : “Fast food nation”, also in French : Les empereurs du Fast food by Eric Schlosser.

Ha, by the way. Some recent articles about the blogging explosion over the internet pretend that this will arm the press, radio and most of the news groups. When I read some free newspaper, I’m not crying about that. Copy-pasting Reuters isn’t acting like a journalist anyway. The same with music radios, they can die (Silently please).
I feel more concerned about radios and newspaper which are doing a real research job and spend time to create quality content. Listening to intelligent people on air is becoming more and more uncommon.

Making profit with your Blog, muwhaha, what a joke. Happy Easter to everybody. I’ve spent it half naked, changing pots and moving plants all over the house, with soil under my nails. THAT’S worth doing it. :)

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