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I’d love to see this at Montreal. Instead of using cryptonite and heavy locks and chains, just hang your bike to the tree. What a beautifull idea and urban design. I doubt this system will last long in Paris though, but Canada would be a good pick. By the way, we’re using the “Communauto” car sharing system (Montreal) and we are very enthusiastic with it. :) It’s very easy to book and grab a car (the neighborhood is crowded with Communauto’s park places, litteraly. We are living in a trendy area anyway), and very convenient to use. Then park and forget, passing the car to somebody else (That’s specially convenient during the winter when it gets snowy or very cold. The car is often warm and ready to ride. No need to shovel).
These are the practical reasons, with the cost of course. But you cannot miss the ethics and pride of using a car for a short moment then sharing it with somebody else.
Here the bike tree site, BtW.

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  1. Guben56 ! said,

    March 21, 2005 @ 8:48 am

    Bientôt en France?

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