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Cosmetic problems with IE

I’ve just checked again the blog with IE and I’ve still overlapping bugs. And IE seems to misunderstand the “font-size:” attribute… Grmbl… As I’m using Mozilla most of the time, it doesn’t seem so annoying to me. I’ll check the stats just in case too many people are browsing the blog with IE (Damn, what an idea !).
If someone has a clue about how to fix that (The original dc theme is “digital fashion”). Thanks.

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Near future for "1000 degrees below zero" blog

As everything seem to be running fine now, stable, looking exactly the same wiz Moz and IE, I can sit and open a beer. 1000 degrees below zero is running, all systems nominal. :)
Arrr, I’ve already some plans for some ehancements in the next days, and some more when a couple of weeks will pass.

  • At first, I’ll set properly some RSS feeds and I’ll try to figure out why there are so many formats. ;)
  • This site also need some more ways to handle entries, passing with time. Perhaps some sticky or digest functionnality. I don’t know yet.
  • Then, I’ll need some help to state if the interface is ok, if people can read and access to everything without much effort, if the Coppermine gallery is ok, and of course, if it’s worth browsing it.

You are welcome to add comments everywhere of course, but especially into this entry if you feel something still need improvement (I’ll find a way to stick this entry on top).

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The next Prince of Persia

I’ll be part of the next Prince of Persia (Pop3 - Sands of time serie) as technical director on Xbox / ps2 / Gamecube. Good news ! The production has already started and the full team will be gathered in the next few days here at Montreal. The schedule is tight and we know that this production is going to be a gentle hell (You know, some kind of rushing/challenging prod, as usual. Am I sarcastic ? No).

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CG work online

You’ll find some changes and many more materials in the new gallery (Coppermine). Wooohooo ! ;)

CG Gallery


ID section added

I’ve added some personnal info into the ID section, such as various links, etc. I’ll try to keep that updated.


Now working on Splinter Cell Chaos Theory PS2

I’m now working on SCX (Splinter Cell 3 ps2 Chaos Theory) as level artist. That’s funny and interesting as I wasn’t familiar with the Unreal editor. Now, I am, trust me! ;-)
The project is almost finished and our maps are coming quite well !

The difference between the xbox version and our (ps2) is of course visible (Often in term of topology, game design), but graphically, some areas are very close the xbox’s version. I hope we give some goosebumbs to many players.


TV interview

I’ve been interviewed by GameOn, an european TV channel focussed on video games. It was a quite long itw concerning the making of Myst IV Revelation (They interviewed Patrick Fortier as well). I’ll put it online as soon as I get it (Me, as seen on TV. My mom will be happy). Well, at the end, it’s quite short and not-so-interesting. ;)


Image published

Cool! One of my pic (Lightspeed paradox) was picked to be printed into the “Elemental” book pages (Pascal Blanche, our artistic director on Myst IV, did the cover with his “Gladiator” pic). Check at Ballistic Publishing for orders. ;) You’ll find it here into the CG work gallery (Homework).


Myst is coming gold !

Well well well, I just can’t believe we are finishing this game (Myst IV)!! After all these month. It’s becoming beautifull and well balanced. But I can’t wait to see it on the shelves. I’m supposed to switch to Splinter Cell 3 ps2 when I’ll be back from vacations on september. Goood. Expect some exclusive pic from Myst IV inserted on my site in a few months (when the game will be on the shelves for a while).


Interviewed by Chaosgroup

Ooops, I forgot to mention that I’ve been interviewed by the guys of Chaosgroup about our use of V-Ray (Discreet’s 3dsmax Render plug-in, doing great deal of global illumination). You can read the stuff on their site (It was an early release of info about Myst and I couln’t unfortunnately tell much about the game).


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