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WWW - Atomic Bomb detonation by Harold Edgerton

Here are incredible pictures of an atomic explosion, taken at of a second credited to Harold Edgerton (Wikipedia too). Unfortunnately, the site hosting the pictures doesn’t seem to have many working links (original site here : nevadasurveyor)
Quote from the site: Automatic Camera situated 7 miles from blast with 10 foot lens. Shutter speed equaled 1/1000,000,000 of-a-second exposure

You’ll find the original pictures (bigger size) in extended here.

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WWW - Toshio Iwai (TENORI-ON) @ Artfutura05 - Electroplankton

Excellent performance by Toshio Iwai at Artfutura05. He is the guy who released electroplankton for the DS. In this video, he plays the Tenori-On, some kind of sensitive and interactive LED keyboard, generating sounds and samples, as well as simple but still cool looking light effects. Passed the first 30 second warm-up, the demonstration becomes amazing.

Artfutura05 demo - Tenori-On - Yamaha


WWW - Digital Domain - Making of Motorola "Pebl"

Woa, that’s a nice one! Especially when it comes to the discovery of all the precomped layers, for all the shots, before watching the ad assembled.

That’s lovely crafted and very well directed (David Fincher). Some of the shots were certainly very tricky to do (fluid and cracks involved), even if the overall impression is (falsely) simplicity.
I loved the early shots on earth, with the smoke slowly fading in the oxygen deprivated atmosphere, or the rain pouring along that rough asteroid rock…

Digital Domain - Making of Motorola Pebl


Tips & tricks - Running Ubuntu under Windows XP

Well, I’m ashamed. It’s not even a tip as the whole trick will take you less than 10 minutes to perform (assuming you already have the files handy). VMWare did an astonishing job with their freeware player. It basically lets you run simply any virtual machine build with their workstation application. By virtual machine, read “Another OS”. To make things understandable, imagine running a linux OS in a window on your windows XP desktop.

Nothing new here, but their application is so neat, running flawlessly, that it’s becoming user friendly enough for your grandma. In a nutshell, it means launching Ubuntu (”Linux for human beings”, based on Debian) while running your Windows XP in the background, as usual. No sweat.

  • Here’s the link to their page where to find the free VM player to install : VMware player page (Choice for Win32 or Linux).
  • And here’s the link to their Ubuntu prebuilt virtual machine (Easily modifiable using the password “ubuntu” when sumo is invoqued… : Ubuntu virtual machine
  • Here you go. Launch the first. Load the second… Here comes the hard on… :)

You’ll also find pretty virtual machines to launch, like Mandrake, Debian, Fedora or even the Damn small linux 2.0 (50Mb zipped) VM distros (I’ve got a DSL ready on my USB dongle now). Have fun !

Note that it’s possible to create virtual machines (.vmx files) running Windows 95, MSdos or Tiger MacOSX, but you have to own both the VMware workstation and the specific OS licences.


WWW - Recordable DVD quality guide

A guide that is worth reading for sure. Rating all the brands, from premium, recommanded, to budget (watch for the “made in Japan tag” on the verbatim packages) and even the “landfill” one, we are used to see everywhere… DVD buying guide on CDRzone.


Tips & tricks - Stop the engine from outside your car

The engine is running, the keys are inside, the door are locked and you’re outside… Bad morning huh ? You’d just like to shut the engine while waiting for a guy who will pry your door open (Try to open your door with some wire by the way, it’s worth the try or the eventual slight wear). Use an old wet rag, and clog the exhaust with it. The engine will stuff itself in a few seconds, then shut down with a harm (assuming you’re not driving a 8 cylinders truck). Beware though, that’s dirty, there are hot gases involved, that’s an engine anyway, not a poney… So process carefully. I used to do that as a prank when I was 12…


Tips & tricks - Remove cat urine odor

Enough said that it stinks a lot. Many good commercial products based on enzymes are working well, but if you do not have access to them, just try spreading some beer on the smelly surface (Not to the point of soaking it). It worked very well for me with a mattress soiled by 2 male cats (Owned by my roomate), when I was a student. Well, it smelled beer (Slightly) afterwards. Nothing to frighten ladies anymore. ;)


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