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Demo - Splinter Cell Chaos Theory / Ubisoft

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
I’m glad to see that Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is on its way to the stores and that there’s even a demo !! Yeeepee ! There have been people working on the Xbox version, then we worked on the PS2 one. Believe me, it wasn’t like we just cut the textures in half and shipped the product. That was a real puzzle to keep and pus hthe PS2 into its limit to make this game a hit.

Downloads are here : 3dGamers / GamersHell / Fileshack


Humor - Video / Improvisation with Richard Simmons

Even if this show is now over, I was simply rolling on the floor when I watched this improvisation with Richard Simmons (I do not know the fellows on the stage. If you know their names, please, drop a line). That’s one of the most entertaining video I’ve seen on the internet for a looog time.


Movie - A Scanner Darkly

At last, here’s the trailer of ” A Scanner Darkly” starring Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder based on the novel by Philip K. Dick.
I hope that it will be a bit more deep and respectfull of Dick’s universe. Minority report was very good looking and promising, for example, but what an empty shell at the end. From the first viewing of “A Scanner Darkly” trailer, the warm colors, the not-so-odd choice of showing everything under an heavy post treatment, let me hope the best for this movie. It reminds me Ralph Bakshi’s work (Check out his “Lord of the rings” version with rotoscoping in the early 80′). At this point, when you’re teased only, that’s pure milk and cookies for the eyes. Needless to say I can’t wait to see it in the theaters.

Watch the trailer : Yahoo.
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SGI casemod - a PC into an SGI O2

This little fantasm was running into my head for the last days. At first, I wanted to buy a used one in order to play with Irix. As a CG artist, these SGI beasts were often unreachable icons. Now they’re just obsolete pieces of hardware. […]
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WWW - Poor attempts of video game viral marketing

Well, I’ll let you judge by yourself. The second one is certainly more convincing and isn’t so “poor” after all. Perhaps because it’s not pushing its luck (There’s nothing to do with the fact that’s Ubi, BtW). The article almost convinced me that this new specie was real.

  • I believed Atari was just selling T-shirts nowadays : How-safe-are-we (Level of irony today = Very low. Poor guys… “Act of war”)
  • New specie : Skull crushing squids / Exocell (Linking to real sites, at the bottom, but give a try to its own url root to discover what it is : “Coldfear”).

And if you still have some time to spend watching video games ads instead of playing or having a life, try this site. It’s an amazing collection of video game ads, mostly coming from Japan. As the owner says : ” Welcome to my commercial page. Almost 90% of these commercials come from Japan and look very very very ODD. :) The rest were presented across the Europe and USA. So…. Enjoy ! All files are available for free… I “

It’s here, in the museum of the video game ads
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Techno - Chemical & engineering news - What’s That Stuff?

That’s an interesting part of this site, dedicated to an insight into what comon goods and materials are made of. That’s worth reading of course. I always wanted to know what was really put into the Cheez Whiz (And why the word “cheese” is absent).

What’s That Stuff?


Techno - Archos Pocket video recorder AV4100 - 100Gb

As my first Archos, the now forgotten Jukebox 6000, is dead open on my desk, it’s hard drive already put into a firewire enclosure. I can say without remorse (It won’t hear me), that this little brother is exactly what I wanted (As the poor and sad gadget seeker I am)
My Jukebox 6000 was probably one of the first ever hard drive mp3 player in the world, but it’s time for it to rest now. What a terrific piece of technology when it came out !
In fact, this AV4100 is another awesome product I won’t buy because, between you and me, I have more usefull things to do with 839.99 euros actually (Roughly the price of an artificial kidney). Dull things like paying my loan or buying a wood stove, or even going out snowboarding.
Ach, envy…


Grafx - Esao Andrews (Is that the name ?)

Saying “I’m speechless” wouldn’t reflect my real state of mind after browsing this beautiful site. After all, I’m french. How could I be speechless anyway ? That’s a very good looking site, full of beautifull artworks.
Go there :


Grafx - Boring3D - Jimmy Maidens

Some months ago, I bought his “They’re bananas, Reverend” mug, and since this day, I use it at work. All my co-worker are jealous and I hardly can hide the source of such a nice render (Of course, I’ve already spread the url everywhere).
It’s a real pleasure, each time, to browse his archive, remembering pictures, reading titles (Half the pleasure of it is reading the titles, can you believe it?). Boring3D is far from being so, for sure. That’s an amazing bunch of renders, done, as I can guess, pretty quickly. They’re often sharing the same shaders, lighting recipes, but there’s a bit of “je ne sais quoi” in each of them.
The guy is now working in the bay area for PDI/Dreaworks mostly doing lighting job if I get it well. How fortunate you are dude. :) Well, San Jose was pretty dull and totally boring last time I was there (GDC), I hope you’ll keep the vibe to render some more touching pics. :)

Boring3D (Go to the archive)


Grafx - Afro Samurai comic / Takashi Okazaki

A nice comic with very graphical sketches. I’ve just read in the news section that “…Samuel L. Jackson agreed to play the main voice of Afro Samurai in the animated mini-series”. I definitely need more infos about Takashi Okazaki and his work (Not that Blade 3 was a masterpiece, but being part of such feature films is a challenge by itself).

“As a graphic designer, illustrator, and artist, Takashi is called ‘Bob’ among his friends. His work has appeared in galleries, manga, CD covers, and a line of toys (Afro Samurai original toy). Recently, he has completed work for Sony (Spiderman illustration), New Line Cinema (Blade Trinity limited comic), and Tokyopop (original character design). Bob conceived Afro Samurai while still a sculptor major in college.
A devoted fan of underground hip-hop and American toys and comics, Bob resides in Tokyo where his IPOD is always full and his pencil never stops.
Bob smokes.”

His site: Afro Samurai (And, of course, you’ll find there many drwaings, designs and WiP)


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