Dotclear - Clear choice

A friend of mine has been using this little piece of software for the last months and switching to it seemed to be a natural choice. Thanks Lucas !
The community around Dotclear is friendly (french speaking, mostly) and peacefull. It was quite easy to install and configure it, then “migrate” every infos I had on my former site. Even if I’m not php savvy (read “not at all”), by the way. Long life to Dotclear !
My only problem, actually, is it’s lack of integration with other php applications (Else than RSS feeds), due to the relative size of its community (Growing I guess, but it isn’t one of the dev’s objectives). I mean many many plug-ins of course. I guess every programmer with some experience of PHP may translate a plug-in from one application to another in a snap, I am no programmer.
For example, I’ve no idea how to display some random pictures from my Coppermine gallery into Dotclear (As I’ve found a plugin for Serendipity which is doing that, of course). You can find that plugin here by the way.

I’m already using bunch of lines of code and plugins dedicated to Dotclear, though. Thanks to the guys behind “BBclone”, “Referers”, “Swatch beats”, “theme edition”.

Life is too short for my blog. Have a good night. :)

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